Affiliations & Exhibitions:

2008-2019: Juried member of the Santa Barbara Art Association
2015: Click, a curated exhibition of four photographers at Michael Kate Gallery, Santa Barbara
2014-Present: Abstract Art Collective, Santa Barbara, CA (Acting Chair 2016-2018)
2016-Present: 10 West Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA
2016-2018: Gallery Los Olivos, Los Olivos, CA
2018: Click 2, at Michael Kate Gallery, Santa Barbara
2019: Curated exhibitor, Art Santa Fe, coming in July


Here’s a compact summary of how photography was woven in and out of my life over the years along with a variety of other creative work. As John Lennon wisely put it, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Read more...


Creative Motivation

Most photographs begin with an attraction to something visual (seeing), followed by the process of developing that captured vision into a finished image (craft). So every click of the shutter is an experiment, the beginning of a process; you never know for sure what the outcome will be. The camera records a version of what we see, but finished images succeed or fail in the darkroom, whether digital or analog. In my experience there are more disappointments than successes, so enjoying the work and the learning process is paramount. Read more...


Print and Framing Technique

One of the things that sets my work apart is a unique approach to mounting and framing images. The traditional way of displaying photographs has been to surround the image with a beveled mat board and frame it behind protective glass. In many cases this does a good job of preserving the print, but it also diminishes the visual impact of the image due to the diffusion and reflections caused by glass or acrylic. I've worked hard to develop a better alternative.   Read more...