Emerald Sea Triptych (Edition of 5)


Please note that the images in the galleries are not framed because it takes a ton of time and effort to create the framed composites like the triptych above and those in the Home Page slide show. For a close-up view of how finished prints are mounted and framed, see the About section.

Once in a gallery, click on any image to see it enlarged. Move your cursor over the image to reveal title, size, pricing and other info. You can cycle through these larger views with the navigation arrows and return to this page by clicking on the X in the upper right corner.

Glass Studies

These images mark the start of a new body of work. They began with a couple of bottles of beach glass that my daughter collected. I started experimenting with back light and multi-image compositing. You will find more detailed descriptions of how each image was made when viewing in the Lightbox.     View Gallery

Tree Surrounds

Imagine if you could look at a tree and see all the way around it in a single view. This is what these images allow you to do. Most of them capture a 370° surround that reveals the essence of trees we often take for granted.     View Gallery


Another collection that began as a recent gallery exhibit, these images are just about water and its endless ways of reflecting and refracting light. Some are from ocean overlooks, others from alpine lakes in the Sierras, and even a couple from Central Park in New York City. I decided not to include any horizon lines to keep the focus on the water itself.     View Gallery

Death Valley

I spent five days in Death Valley a few years ago with an old friend and fellow-photographer. We were in a workshop led by Steven Johnson, an outstanding landscape photographer and one of the pioneers of the digital revolution. This is a magical place with extremes of climate and terrain unlike any other.  It is definitely on my short list of places to go back to.     View Gallery


Ganna Walska Lotusland is a 37-acre botanical wonder in Santa Barbara, CA, containing thousands of species of tropical and subtropical plants from around the world. It is home to extraordinary collections including rare cycads, cacti and euphorbias. For more about Lotusland, including a link to their website and membership information, scroll down to the bottom of the gallery.     View Gallery

En Plein Air

This collection began as new work for a gallery show, an exploration of California landscapes in the mode of "en plein air" painting, a form that's very popular here in Santa Barbara. This show was the first time I used the new glassless mounting and framing technique. It was a  thrill when several people asked, "What are these, paintings?"     View Gallery

Natural Details and Abstracts

This collection began with a show I put together in late 2013. A friend who owns a gallery had suggested that I try more work in a square format, so I looked for images that lent themselves to this aspect ratio. With no other theme or location to tie the images together, I decided to call them Natural Details, even though some of them are not necessarily based on nature. There were fifteen images in the original show (including two repeats from the Death Valley and Peru collections) and these are shown first, but I'll be adding more.     View Gallery